Get a Realtor: Step One to Buying a House

Get a Realtor! It Simple and Free

I know it seems so easy today looking at Zillow or to find houses that are on the MLS. Why would you need a realtor when you can just look up new properties on that site? Well there are a few answers to this question. Even if you found the house you want to look at on these websites, below are reasons you should still hire a realtor. Your realtor is the start of your Core Four with a broker, general contractor, and property manager. Keep an eye out for more posts about buying your first house!

Get a Realtor: They're the Expert

In today’s world, education and information is abundant. You can go on the internet or YouTube to learn just about anything your heart desires. But, much like becoming an artist, practice makes perfect. Most realtors who have experience in the game have learned small tricks that give them a leg up against the average Joe when it comes to securing a property. This can be from negotiating prices, understanding the markets, or knowing exactly what to look for when doing an open house walkthrough. These are professionals at their craft. Even after you have an offer accepted on a property, a good realtor will walk you through all of the steps. They coordinate with your lender, the title company, and the inspectors. Their wealth of knowledge makes your home purchase as smooth as possible. I also want you to think about your profession. Maybe you have been working in this job for 10 years. Do you think someone could watch YouTube for an hour and do what you do? I doubt it.


Get a Realtor: If You're a Buyer, Then It's Free!

I mean, come on! How many services out there are free? You may be asking, how are they free? Well, when you’re the buyer, the realtor commission is paid by the seller, so it is free for you. The going rate for a realtor is 3% of the sales price. This goes for both the buyer and the seller’s realtor. If you’re a seller, expect to pay 6% commission to the realtor. But, if you’re a buyer, you can get a professional who is fighting for you and all for free.


Get a Realtor: They Have Up-to-Date Information

The online portals pull directly from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The problem is sometimes there is a delay between the house being listed on the MLS and it showing up on the websites. The teams that have access to realtime listings, realtors. In the past, before the internet, if someone wanted to sell their house, that seller’s agent would call around to other realtors to tell them they had a property for sale. Now, they post the properties on the MLS for all across the world to see. If you have access to the network, you will be able to see the properties right as they pop up. A good realtor knows his/her clients wants, needs, and desires for a property and is able to filter out clutter before Zillow even knows something is on the market.

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Get a Realtor: They Have Seen It All

Experienced realtors have seen it all. They have looked at dozens of properties, good and bad. Any issue that came up in previous inspections, you better believe they are going to check those points on every house after that. They know the potential of the dated houses and know the pitfalls of turnkey houses. They will be your rock when looking for a new home. Many new homeowners are searching with their emotions. How does this home fit “our family.” Your realtor may be your gut check to keep you from overspending on something that strikes a nostalgic nerve when you can add that functionality on another property for a fraction of the cost. They are a level head navigating the real estate market because they have seen it all.


Get a Realtor: They Fight in Your Corner

I know that I already talked about the realtor making the purchase as smooth as possible, but they also are the ones wearing the boxing gloves. They have direct lines with the sellers realtor. They know the worth of the property better than anyone, so they know what is fair for you. After the inspections come back and repairs are needed, they draft the correct paperwork and negotiate with the other realtor. You wont be pushed over by a selling agent who tells you, this is the way it is. Realtors are bound by legally enforced ethics. They know the law and they are fighting to make sure their clients are given the best treatment and secure the best deals. 

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Once again, I am not a financial advisor. These tips are some things I have validated with my own personal experiences. If you feel you need more personal advice, please consult a professional financial advisor. Dont forget to check out the Book List for published authors on this topic!

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